Technical Application’s Impact

Task One

Forecast of Workforce Demand 

           Over a five year period, we project that the first year would be extremely difficult to produce the silk vest on a large scale. We would need serious investors. Thus, it might be a good idea to propose our product at several conventions, regarding defense and security, to find government or private funding to develop our own company. Eventually, after the growth of the company, we would then directly propose our product to Dupont-Kevlar and merge with them. They could replace their silkless kevlar vests with ours. Marketing would come easily from there. It would be good choice to merge with Kevlar because of all of its already well established contacts. Kevlar writes on its website- they serve “federal, state, local agencies representing military, law enforcement, first responder and industrial services.” Why go through the trouble and spend time to find new contacts when we could easily merge and get our product out on the market with Kevlar’s? To describe the effect of the vest on the marketplace, we would find that there would be extreme competition. Currently, several other research labs are working on different types of armor with different materials as we mentioned in component 1. In the future, their designs are likely to be out on the market, increasing competition.

           In short, the first and second years would be difficult launching our technical application. After finding an investor in the third year, marketing and production would skyrocket. In a position to merge with a basic foundation, we would propose to Dupont-Kevlar about joining forces. Finally, if the merger succeeds, production and marketing will be stable until competition arises. The whole term shows a positive linear progression in marketing and production. However, most likely there is some future problem accounted for, so this positive linear progression is malleable.

Task Two

Undergraduate/Graduate Degree Programs Promoting Our Research

Program #1 – Manufacturing Engineering

School: Oregon State University

Degree: MfgE & IE Dual Major or Double Degree.


Department: Engineering


          Manufacturing Engineering is a discipline of engineering dealing with various manufacturing sciences and practices including the research, development, and production of machines, tools, and other products. The program encompasses two six-month structured internships that are an important part of the students learning about the practicality of manufacturing engineering in real-life experiences.

          This program directly relates to our technical application because in order to mass produce spider silk vests, an efficient processing system is need. We need to go from spiders to silk to fibers to arrangement, and graphite to graphene to plating. Manufacturing machines would help accelerate this process: make it more efficient.


Program #2 – Molecular Biology and Cellular Life

School: University of Wyoming

Degree: Ph.D. in Molecular Biology and Cellular Life


Department:  Molecular Biology 

College of Agriculture and Natural Resources


        Molecular Biology and Cellular Life is a comprehensive study applied to real world cases as it is an aid to understanding the basics of life and what it consists of. The doctorate program at the University of Wyoming consists of a rigorous five-year program. The five years are inclusive of a variety of lab experiences to get the student very familiar with the subject at hand, which is matched with extensive research on individual subtopics of molecular biology. By the end, the program has prepared the student with a vast amount of laboratory experience, research, and teaching opportunities.

        This program relates directly to our technical application because spiders are intricate creatures, requiring great knowledge of how their body systems work in order to extract silk. A biology course would help the scientific portion of our technical application.

Task Three

Natural Engineering: A Major for the Future

       Although a major based solely around spider silk would be quite unpractical, a major exploring the full potential of using natural resources in engineering is something that might be advantageous in the future. The major would be called Natural Engineering. We know that certain materials in nature have certain characteristics that we have yet to harness. Learning how to harness these characteristics is critical in order to maximize the capability of general materials in our world. We found that spider silk – very durable, strong, and flexible – is a natural material that can be implemented in a bulletproof vest to save American lives. There are so many other general resources or materials out there with so much potential for beneficial practical applications. We, humans, just need to get out into the world and  explore them.