Technical Application’s Market

Task One

Companies Relating to NCT Technical Application

        The first company we found was Dupont-Kevlar.  Dupont-Kevlar is known for their kevlar bulletproof material. However, there are some issues with this material: kevlar absorbs moisture in a much shorter amount of time, it is sensitive to the climate and the environment, and users aren’t completely mobile with the vest on. This means that the vests may actually hinder user ability. Also, climate hinders its potential. Inability to deal with compression, manufacturing of the product is difficult.  There is a difficulty to cut Kevlar—needs more tools such as special scissors and drill bits for manufacturing.  Kevlar also reacts terribly in UV light and is corrosive if exposed to chlorine. Thus, Kevlar contains several downsides to that silk does not possess in terms of manufacturing and user ability. In contrast, the silk protein is actually a conductor for heat, mobile enough to possibly be a replacement for human tendons, and three times stronger than kevlar. It does not absorb excessive moisture or require intensive manufacturing equipment. It may require a lab to extract silk from spider or create silk protein, but manufacturing is certainly not as difficult as manufacturing of Kevlar.

        The next company that we discovered that applies to our NCT category is Invista-Cordura.  INVISTA makes anything from outerwear for strong weather conditions to luggage.  They have a section on their website for their specially engineered nylon polymers.  INVISTA is the world’s largest nylon manufacturer; perhaps this nylon could be used in our proposed product as an outer shell.  Nylon could be used to make straps around the upper torso in order to wear thesaid vest, and this nylon is especially moldable further playing into the mobility factor of our new and improved vest. Nylon is a much more mobile material than kevlar, and that is why the material is essential to combine with spider silk to give the vest some structure.

Task Two

Professional Association Related to Products Identified

  • United States Department of Defense is an executive branch department of the government of the United States that is directly in charge of the supervising national security and the United States Armed Forces. It is headed by the Secretary of Defense. It’s main goal is to ensure the protection of the nation as well as the people who protect it, primarily people in the Armed Forces.
    • The United States Department of Defense uses bullet proof vests, made out of kevlar, to protect soldiers.
      • The bullet proof vests that the United States uses are called interceptor vests that are produced in various camouflages. This interceptor body armor (IBA) system replaced the old Personnel Armor System for Ground Troops (PASGT). The two primary problems that this vest contains are mobility and comfort. It is similar to the Kevlar material. Because of its bulky qualities, it slows down the movement of the wearer and also weighs the wearer down. While it may provide protection, it does make the wearer an easier, slower target.
    • The United States Department of Defense’s mission is ensure that the United States Armed Forces have as much protection as they possibly can. The best way to do this is to provide the soldiers that go out to war with better protection. The main adversity that soldiers in war face is a bullet. Therefore, the best way to provide protection for a soldier is to find a better way to lessen the damage that a bullet causes as well as increase the mobility and comfort of the soldier wearing the vest.
    • There are around 1.4 million people in the United States military, the company KDH defense systems is the number one supplier to the United States Department of Defense

Task Three

Product Proposal Based on NCT Technical Application

         Our idea is for the improvement of bulky kevlar vests.  Our new product uses silk as a flexible but strong lining in our version of a vest in order to remove the actual kevlar and make it much lighter and more mobile.  In addition to the silk in the vest, it will also contain graphene plates to stop the silk from stretching too much, and supplying a backbone to the vest.  The idea of replacing a kevlar vest with our graphene plate and silk vest is practical in the sense that it will make wearers such as police officers, soldiers, etc. to be able to move with protection without having to wear such a bulky and rigid vest on their upper torso. You may see it is a pretty simple but powerful future innovation. Please take a look at this visual aid.

Task Four

Company Evaluation Email

We sent emails to Kraig Biocraft Laboratories, Dupont (through website- not shown below),  T.G. Faust, and US Armor. With the exception of Kraig Biocraft Laboratories, the rest are all manufacturing companies that create body armor.

We received this response back from DuPont-Kevlar saying that they couldn’t respond to us due to the high volume of inquiries.

“Dear Michael,

Thank you for your interest in Nomex® and Kevlar® products. Due to a high volume of inquiries, we are unable to respond to you on a personal level.

For information on Kevlar®, please refer to the following web addresses:


For information on Nomex®, please refer to the following web addresses: