An Independent Science Research Project exploring the possibility of replacing Kevlar with spider silk.

ISTF Project # 16-3180 was developed by Don Bosco Preparatory High School in Ramsey, NJ, in response to the 2015-2016 Internet Science and Technology Fair.


We chose the National Critical Technology category Materials, with the subcategory of Composites. Our main objective was to create a bulletproof material that is an alternative to Kevlar and the other constricting materials used by military officers.

Problem/Research Statement:

Although Kevlar is commonly used around the world, it can be quite bulky and inconvenient. In today’s world efficiency and cost are the most important factors when creating or improving a product. The point at issue is that Kevlar remains to be expensive and limiting regarding mobility and overall usage.

Project Solution Statement:

Spider silk is an excellent replacement. Silk is a light, durable, and natural substance. Our approach encompasses combining spider silk and goat milk and using a graphene base with nanoceramics/nanotubes to create a stronger composite. Ultimately, this synthesized substance can lead to the creation of a lighter and more resistant material.